2 cute guys…

Pretty darn sweet to photograph these 2 boys year after year!  McTigue, boys_022, blogmctigue2up1McTigue, boys_008, blogMcTigue, boys_025, blogMcTigue, boys_010, blogMcTigue, boys_014, blogMcTigue, boys_001, blogMcTigue, boys_016, blogMcTigue, boys_027, blogMcTigue, boys_031, blog

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Bella, the sweet…

She’s definitely a sweetheart.  I always love my time with this little Miss!  Torres, Bella_001, blogTorres, Bella_022, blogbella2up1Torres, Bella_002, blogTorres, Bella_006, blogTorres, Bella_009, blogTorres, Bella_008, blogTorres, Bella_025, blogbella2up2Torres, Bella_029, blogTorres, Bella_033, blog

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The always adorable James!

The end of last year was a bit nutty here, as I’m sure it was for most everyone I know (including you!).  Hold tight, I’m playing a little catch up and will be posting a few end of the year sessions.  First, my favorites with Mr. James…james2up1Stones, James_017, blogStones, James_003, blogjames2up2james2up3Stones, James_015, blogStones, James_026, blog

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Nana, Grandpa, and their crazy cute Grandkids!

So happy I was asked to do this shoot!  Thank you, Tina!  Noren, grandparentskids_011, blogNoren, grandparentskids_003, blogNoren, grandparentskids_008, blogNoren, grandparentskids_007, blogNoren, grandparentskids_009, blogNoren, grandparentskids_012, blogNoren, grandparentskids_013, blogNoren, grandparentskids_014, blogNoren, grandparentskids_016, blogNoren, grandparentskids_018, blogNoren, grandparentskids_005, blogNoren, grandparentskids_019, blogNoren, grandparentskids_023, blogNoren, grandparentskids_020, blogNoren, grandparentskids_025, blogNoren, grandparentskids_026, blogNoren, grandparentskids_028, blogNoren, grandparentskids_035, blogNoren, grandparentskids_030, blogNoren, grandparentskids_033, blogNoren, grandparentskids_034, blogNoren, grandparentskids_036, blogNoren, grandparentskids_038, blogNoren, grandparentskids_042, blogNoren, grandparentskids_045, blogNoren, grandparentskids_046, blogNoren, grandparentskids_051, blogNoren, grandparentskids_057, blogNoren, grandparentskids_060, blogNoren, grandparentskids_061, blog

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The Johnsons

This is one gorgeous family!  Thankful for new clients who are truly wonderful.  Johnson, Family_001, blogJohnson, Family_002, blogjohnson2up1Johnson, Family_005, blogjohnson2up2johnson2up3Johnson, Family_012, blogJohnson, Family_017, blogJohnson, Family_018, blogJohnson, Family_019, blogJohnson, Family_026, blogJohnson, Family_027, blogJohnson, Family_025, blogJohnson, Family_031, blogjohnson2up4Johnson, Family_037, blogJohnson, Family_039, blogJohnson, Family_040, blogJohnson, Family_041, blogJohnson, Family_042, blogJohnson, Family_043, blogjohnson2up5Johnson, Family_047, blogJohnson, Family_051, blogJohnson, Family_052, blogJohnson, Family_056, blogJohnson, Family_058, blog

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Milo and Nolin (just one)

Braving the rain for these two sweet boys was well worth it!  More to come from yesterday’s wet session.  Gonzalez_justone

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Ryan (just one peek)

I can’t believe how much this guy has grown!  A peek from my last session of the year.  More to come of this charmer…    Gens, Family_justone

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The Norén Family (just one)

One of my favorite shots from the Norén’s session this past weekend!  More to come of this adorable family-of-5, check back again soon.  Noren, justone

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Mawson (just one)

More great shots of this handsome boy to come!  Can’t wait to share the rest with you.  Mawson, justone

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Bentley (just one peek)

Oh.  My.  Word!  Someone sign this beautiful girl up for modeling as soon as possible!  A peek from Bentley’s session… Magee, justone

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