The Lee Family (just one peek)

One of my favorite shots from yesterday’s session with the Lee Family!  Aren’t they the cutest!  More to come, check back soon.  Jenny and Regis, CONGRATS on baby boy #3!

Lee, baby_justone

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Mr. Henry (just one peek)

Talk about one handsome guy!  Such a pleasure to photograph sweet little Henry and his Mommy and Daddy this past weekend.  More to come, but until then, here’s a peek.  Cordover, justone, blog

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Jameson + his Nona and Papa (just one)

A little peek from Friday evening’s session.  Check back soon, Jameson is a CUTIE and I can’t wait to share this session with you.  Mann, justone

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The Erro Family

Another awesome new client!  Love them!  I’ll cut the jibber-jabber and get straight to their session.  ;)  Jenna, thank you so much for asking me to photograph you and your adorable family.  erro2up6Erro, Family_067, blogerro2up5erro2up1erro2up2Erro, Family_016, blogErro, Family_030, blogErro, Family_014, blogErro, Family_017, blogErro, Family_023, blogErro, Family_025, blogErro, Family_026, blogErro, Family_027, blogErro, Family_013, blogErro, Family_041, blogErro, Family_021, blogerro2up3Erro, Family_037, blogerro2up4Erro, Family_056, blogErro, Family_061, blogerro2up8Erro, Family_063, blogerro2up7

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The McTigues

The location… the light… the McTigues!  A perfect combo!  This is one of my most favorite spots to shoot, and I’m sure you can see why.  It’s just magical.  Spending time with my beautiful friend and her family is equally as amazing.  Click here, here, and here to look back at previous sessions with the McTigue Family.   McTigue, Family_031, blogmctigue2up1McTigue, Family_008, blogMcTigue, Family_017, blogMcTigue, Family_019, blogMcTigue, Family_005, blogMcTigue, Family_004, blogmctigue2up2McTigue, Family_010, blogMcTigue, Family_016, blogmctigue2up3McTigue, Family_039, blogMcTigue, Family_029, blogMcTigue, Family_052, blogMcTigue, Family_048, blogMcTigue, Family_051, blog

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The Gens Family

Such a pleasure to photograph this lovely little family (click here to look back at their very 1st session with me).  Andrea, thank you for asking me to document Ryan’s first year!  Enjoy taking a peek at my favorites from their 2nd and 3rd sessions… Gens, Ryan_032, blogGens, Ryan_011, blogGens, Ryan_018, blogGens, Ryan_029, blogGens, Ryan_033, bloggens2up1Gens, Family_001, blogGens, Family_007, blogGens, Family_003, blogGens, Family_031, blogGens, Family_043, blogGens, Family_024, bloggens2up2Gens, Family_018, bloggens2up3Gens, Family_014, blogGens, Family_030, blog

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Miss Mia, just one peek

How can this little cutie be turning one already?!  Feels like it was just last week we were shooting her newborn session (click here to see how much she’s grown).  Check back again soon, there are so many adorable pics to share.  Bingham, Mia_justoneblog

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The Gonzalez Family

I am long overdue to catch up on some blogging and I can’t think of a better family to start with.  I simply adore Dana and her boys!  Gonzalez, Family_001, blogGonzalez, Family_003, blogGonzalez, Family_021, blogGonzalez, Family_009, bloggonzalez2up1Gonzalez, Family_006, blogGonzalez, Family_005, blogGonzalez, Family_007, blogGonzalez, Family_002, blogGonzalez, Family_004, blogGonzalez, Family_012, blogGonzalez, Family_013, blogGonzalez, Family_014, blogGonzalez, Family_038, blogGonzalez, Family_036, blogGonzalez, Family_037, blogGonzalez, Family_029, blogGonzalez, Family_027, blogGonzalez, Family_033, bloggonzalez2up3Gonzalez, Family_042, bloggonzalez2up2Gonzalez, Family_046, blogGonzalez, Family_047, blogGonzalez, Family_049, blogGonzalez, Family_044, blogGonzalez, Family_051, blogGonzalez, Family_052, blogGonzalez, Family_053, blogGonzalez, Family_055, blogGonzalez, Family_056, blogGonzalez, Family_059, blog

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Baby Nicolas is here!

Love, love, love sweet moments like this.  Just one little peek to share with you, more coming soon.  Ramirez, justone

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Avrick, Turi, and…

their Mommy and Grandma!  Capturing this bond was so much fun (balloons, bubbles, a spunky Grandma, and lots of laughs… can’t beat it)!  Their pictures speak for themselves, enjoy my favorites from their session.  P.S. Avrick insisted on his Superman tee and boots and I absolutely love it!

Neiggemann_013, blogNeiggemann_011, blogNeiggemann_006, blogNeiggemann_001, blogNeiggemann_002, blog2up4, neiggemannNeiggemann_018, blogNeiggemann_026, blog2up5, neiggemannNeiggemann_051, blog2up6, neiggemann2up1, neiggemannNeiggemann_037, blogNeiggemann_012, blogNeiggemann_028, blogNeiggemann_027, blogNeiggemann_060, blog2up2, neiggemannNeiggemann_034, blogNeiggemann_030, blogNeiggemann_067, blog2up7, neiggemannNeiggemann_085, blogNeiggemann_074, blogNeiggemann_083, blogNeiggemann_079, blogNeiggemann_072, blog2up8neiggemannNeiggemann_082, blog2up3, neiggemann

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