Miss Bella! Just one little peek.

She has just the most beautiful smile, don’t you agree!?  Can’t wait to share the rest of Bella’s beach session with you!  Torres, Bellaturns4_blog

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Jack turns one!

Just a peek from yesterday’s session with Mr. Jack.  Can’t wait to show you the rest, they’re ADORABLE!  Erro, Jack_justone

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Captain Wilkins (just one)

Fire Captain Steve Wilkins is one handsome man, don’t you agree?!  Nearing retirement, Rockie (Steve’s wife), wanted to document the milestone.  I was thrilled when they asked me to book this session!  More to come, but here’s “just one” for now.  Wilkins, justone

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This little guy melts my heart!  Mix in Alistair’s older siblings, Audrey and Anderson, and we have a mighty cute session on our hands.  Low-key home sessions are my ultimate favorite.  No stress, raw, capturing life as it really is.  Love!  alistair2up1Hoodlim, Alistair_033, blogHoodlim, Alistair_006, blogHoodlim, Alistair_013, blogHoodlim, Alistair_005, blogHoodlim, Alistair_004, blogHoodlim, Alistair_034, blogHoodlim, Alistair_007, blogHoodlim, Alistair_027, blogalistair2up2Hoodlim, Alistair_017, blogHoodlim, Alistair_015, blogHoodlim, Alistair_014, blogHoodlim, Alistair_029, blogalistair2up3Hoodlim, Alistair_009, blogHoodlim, Alistair_011, blogHoodlim, Alistair_012, blogHoodlim, Alistair_025, blogHoodlim, Alistair_021, blogHoodlim, Alistair_023, blogHoodlim, Alistair_028, blogHoodlim, Alistair_035, blogHoodlim, Alistair_038, blogalistair2up4alistair2up5

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Baby Rylen (just one little peek)

PURE LOVE!  I cannot wait to share today’s newborn session with you, but until then, here’s just one little peek.  Welcome to the world, beautiful Rylen!  Congrats Jacey, Ruston, and big sister Parker!  Imming, justoneblog

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These two!

Tisk, tisk… I’m a little behind with my blogging, I know.  Plain and simple, my family comes first (and blogging takes the backseat).  Hence the reason I’m posting sessions I shot over the holiday season.  Love catching up though, it’s so rewarding to look back on my wonderful clients and their beautiful families.  These two more-than-adorable girlies (cousins, in fact!) are so much fun to work with!  Sassy, SASSY!  Bella and Emma, I love my job because of sweethearts like you.  Can’t wait for your birthday shoot, Ms. Bella!  Torres, Bella&Emma_058, blogtorres2up6Torres, Bella&Emma_007, blogtorres2up1Torres, Bella&Emma_027, blogtorres2up4Torres, Bella&Emma_025, blogtorres2up2Torres, Bella&Emma_002, blogTorres, Bella&Emma_015, blogtorres2up3Torres, Bella&Emma_022, blogTorres, Bella&Emma_028, blogTorres, Bella&Emma_013, blogtorres2up5Torres, Bella&Emma_049, blogTorres, Bella&Emma_023, blog

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Team “Help Emma Fight!”

Just returned home from an incredible weekend in Seattle!  The reason for our trip was to support our good friend, Shawn, who is a local Firefighter and part of Team VFD (click here to view their page).  Team VFD participated in the 23rd Annual Scott Firefighter Stairclimb, where 1,800 Firefighters from around the world came together to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Our local honoree, Emma Bowles, was a VIP at the event.  Here’s a picture of Shawn right before the climb (you didn’t think I’d go without my camera, did you?).  We’re so proud of you, Shawn, and the rest of Team VFD!  Congrats on finishing!  ”Climb.  Conquer.  Cure.”  Seattle, TeamVFD_027, blog

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Their first! Just one.

Maria and Roberto are expecting their first baby in just 4 weeks!  Although I just met them yesterday afternoon (LOVE new clients, they’re fabulous!), I am so very excited for their journey ahead.  I can’t get over how beautiful Maria is!  More to come, but until then, here’s “just one.”


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James… he’s 3!

James is definitely a favorite of mine!  Full of love, full of charm.  What a pleasure to document another year, little buddy.  Stone, Jamesturns3_015, blogStone, Jamesturns3_024, blogStone, Jamesturns3_025, blogjames2up1Stone, Jamesturns3_011, blogStone, Jamesturns3_006, blogStone, Jamesturns3_023, blogStone, Jamesturns3_020, blogStone, Jamesturns3_002, blogStone, Jamesturns3_016, blogStone, Jamesturns3_026, blogjames2up2Stone, Jamesturns3_030, blog

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Nathan is officially ONE!

This little man is one… one whole year!  I had a great time capturing Mr. Nathan, he’s SUCH an easy-going guy.  And SO handsome!  Nathanturnsone_023, bloglozano2up1Nathanturnsone_001, blogNathanturnsone_011, blogNathanturnsone_022, blogNathanturnsone_024, bloglozano2up2Nathanturnsone_008, blogNathanturnsone_012, bloglozano2up3Nathanturnsone_013, blogNathanturnsone_016, blogNathanturnsone_021, blog

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