Theron (just one peek)

I love this little boy!  And his big brother, Everett.  More coming soon from their session, but I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable shot of Theron (love the look!).


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Ms. Bella (just one)

This little lady is growing up (and her expressions are priceless)!  More coming soon, but just a peek until then… Torres, sneak

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Baby Max

This Family.  Their boys.  Wonderful in every way!  Welcome to the world, sweet Max.  lee2up5Lee, babyboy3_001, blogLee, babyboy3_009, blogLee, babyboy3_008, bloglee2up3Lee, babyboy3_021, blogLee, babyboy3_020, blogLee, babyboy3_018, blogLee, babyboy3_017, blogLee, babyboy3_014. bloglee2up2Lee, babyboy3_005, blogLee, babyboy3_002, blogLee, babyboy3_006, blogLee, babyboy3_024, blogLee, babyboy3_023, bloglee2up4Lee, babyboy3_026, blogLee, babyboy3_027, blogLee, babyboy3_028, blogLee, babyboy3_029, blogLee, babyboy3_031, blogLee, babyboy3_038, blogLee, babyboy3_040, bloglee2up6

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James! Just one.

Mr. Personality, I mean James, was so fun to hang out with yesterday!  Just a peek…Stone, justonelow

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Jameson + his Nona and Papa

What a pleasure it was to document such a special relationship!  Julie and Jim make wonderful Grandparents… Jameson is one lucky little boy.     mann2up1Mann, JJJ_007, blogMann, JJJ_005, blogMann, JJJ_022, blogMann, JJJ_006, blogMann, JJJ_019, blogmann2up2Mann, JJJ_014, blogmann2up3Mann, JJJ_012, blogmann2up5mann2up4mann2up7Mann, JJJ_030, blogmann2up6Mann, JJJ_040, blogMann, JJJ_004, blog

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Mr. Henry

Meet CUTE Henry… and his Mommy, Daddy, and pup.  Maggi’s brother sent an inquiry my way when his then-pregnant-sister was expecting Henry.  This is too sweet not to share, so I must!  “My sister is expecting their first baby next month and instead of getting her some short-lived baby stuff, I thought a newborn photo shoot would be better.”  YES!  I couldn’t agree more (so I’m biased).  My time with the Cordover Family was delightful.  Here are my favorites from their in-home session…Cordover, Family_003, bloghenry2up1Cordover, Family_002, bloghenry2up4Cordover, Family_008, blog henry2up2Cordover, Family_018, blogCordover, Family_016, bloghenry2up3Cordover, Family_050, blogCordover, Family_030, blogCordover, Family_031, blogCordover, Family_022, blogCordover, Family_023, blogCordover, Family_048, bloghenry2up5Cordover, Family_032, blogCordover, Family_047, blogCordover, Family_046, bloghenry2up6Cordover, Family_041, blogCordover, Family_049, blog

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Mia is ONE!

Mia is one and I just can’t believe it!  Watching my clients and friends grow is such an honor, one of the sweet perks of what I do.  I had such a wonderful time shooting this incredibly beautiful little being (Christina, the outfit you chose is too cute for words)! Happy 1st birthday, Miss Mia!  Bingham, Miaturnsone_012, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_002, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_013, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_005, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_001, blogmia2up1Bingham, Miaturnsone_006, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_017, blogmia2up2Bingham, Miaturnsone_019, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_022, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_025, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_026, blogmia2up4Bingham, Miaturnsone_034, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_037, blogmia2up3Bingham, Miaturnsone_038, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_039, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_043, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_048, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_050, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_057, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_056, blogBingham, Miaturnsone_059, blog

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Sweet Baby Nicolas

Nicolas is here and he’s as precious as can be!  Maria and Roberto have good reason to be head-over-heels for this little guy.  Ramirez, Nicolas_016, blognicolas2up3Ramirez, Nicolas_020, blognicolas2up2Ramirez, Nicolas_003, blogRamirez, Nicolas_001, blogRamirez, Nicolas_009, blogRamirez, Nicolas_043, blognicolas2up5Ramirez, Nicolas_004, blognicolas2up1nicolas2up4Ramirez, Nicolas_034, blogRamirez, Nicolas_029, blognicolas2up6Ramirez, Nicolas_042, blogRamirez, Nicolas_024, blogRamirez, Nicolas_026, blogRamirez, Nicolas_053, blognicolas2up7

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Sassy Stella!

Need I say more?  Love this niece of mine!  The hand on her hip was all her idea… stella2up1Stella_020, blogStella_012, blogstella2up2Stella_015, blogStella_004, blog

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Ethan and big sister, Samantha

This little guy was just 6 days new when I went to photograph him.  So little and SO sweet.  My heart melts each and every time I see a new baby.  Add in an adorable older sister, and we have a perfect combo.  Watkins, Ethan_003, blogWatkins, Ethan_011, blogwatkins2up4watkins2up1Watkins, Ethan_001, blogWatkins, Ethan_020, blogwatkins2up3Watkins, Ethan_008, blogwatkins2up2Watkins, Ethan_016, blogWatkins, Ethan_013, blog

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