Sweet Baby Nicolas

Nicolas is here and he’s as precious as can be!  Maria and Roberto have good reason to be head-over-heels for this little guy.  Ramirez, Nicolas_016, blognicolas2up3Ramirez, Nicolas_020, blognicolas2up2Ramirez, Nicolas_003, blogRamirez, Nicolas_001, blogRamirez, Nicolas_009, blogRamirez, Nicolas_043, blognicolas2up5Ramirez, Nicolas_004, blognicolas2up1nicolas2up4Ramirez, Nicolas_034, blogRamirez, Nicolas_029, blognicolas2up6Ramirez, Nicolas_042, blogRamirez, Nicolas_024, blogRamirez, Nicolas_026, blogRamirez, Nicolas_053, blognicolas2up7

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Sassy Stella!

Need I say more?  Love this niece of mine!  The hand on her hip was all her idea… stella2up1Stella_020, blogStella_012, blogstella2up2Stella_015, blogStella_004, blog

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Ethan and big sister, Samantha

This little guy was just 6 days new when I went to photograph him.  So little and SO sweet.  My heart melts each and every time I see a new baby.  Add in an adorable older sister, and we have a perfect combo.  Watkins, Ethan_003, blogWatkins, Ethan_011, blogwatkins2up4watkins2up1Watkins, Ethan_001, blogWatkins, Ethan_020, blogwatkins2up3Watkins, Ethan_008, blogwatkins2up2Watkins, Ethan_016, blogWatkins, Ethan_013, blog

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The Uribe Girls (just one peek)

A little peek from last night’s session with Emma and Bella.  Such a treat to spend time with these two sweeties!  Uribe, justone

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I was delighted when the co-chairs of “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Ventura” asked me to help with a display piece they were working on.  Always happy to help with such a wonderful cause.  I really enjoyed my time with these 2 beautiful women, such an inspiration!  If you’re interested in making a donation ($10, $20, $50… it all counts), please click here.  survivors_003, blogsurvivors_008, blogsurvivors_009, blogsurvivors_027, blogsurvivors_025, blog

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Just one HAPPY pic of Mr. Hudson…

SO many cute pictures from last night’s session with Hudson, his Nana and Grandpa, and sisters, Claire and Audrey!  Can’t wait to share with you, but for now, here’s a peek.  Noren_justone

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Bella, Bella, Bella!

This little lady is so much fun to photograph!  I love watching my clients grow (click here, here, and here to see past sessions with Bella).bella2up1Torres, Bella_001, blogbella2up2Torres, Bella_030, blogTorres, Bella_004, blogTorres, Bella_032, blogTorres, Bella_007, blogbella2up4Torres, Bella_006, blogTorres, Bella_025, blogTorres, Bella_023, blogTorres, Bella_005, blogTorres, Bella_026, blogTorres, Bella_035, blog

Every 4 year old needs a mermaid tail!  Lucky Bella!Torres, Bella_037, blogTorres, Bella_042, blogTorres, Bella_038, blogTorres, Bella_040, blog

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Just one peek of GORGEOUS Sevet and Kennedy…

More to come of this beautiful Mommy and her family!  You’re going to LOVE!  Check back soon.  Johnson_justone

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Jack turns ONE!

Handsome as ever and officially ONE!  Snuck in a few pictures with Mommy, Daddy, and big sister too (sibling love is the best!)… Erro, Jackturnsone_004, blogerro2up1erro4up1Erro, Jackturnsone_029, blogErro, Jackturnsone_007, blogErro, Jackturnsone_032, blogerro2up4Erro, Jackturnsone_036, blogErro, Jackturnsone_038, blogerro2up2Erro, Jackturnsone_024, blogerro2up3erro2up5Erro, Jackturnsone_023, blogErro, Jackturnsone_043, blog

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Barna Group

Many thanks to David and Bill over at Barna Group for choosing me for your company’s headshots.  barna2up1Barna, 2_011, blogBarna, 2_028, blogbarna2up4barna2up3Barna, 2_062, blogbarna2up5Barna_087, blogBarna, G_005, rt, blogBarna, G_009, rt, blog


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