River (just a peek)

River + her Mommy and Daddy = so much sweetness!  More to come of this adorable family, I can’t wait to share the rest with you.  River_justone

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Miss Bentley

Mommyhood has been such a blessing!  If not for becoming a Mom, cuties like Bentley wouldn’t be in my life.  Miss Bentley, you are a beautiful soul, inside and out.  What a pleasure it was to photograph you.  bentley2up1Magee, Bentley_010, blogMagee, Bentley_018, blogMagee, Bentley_022, blogbentley2up2Magee, Bentley_021, blogMagee, Bentley_005, blogMagee, Bentley_019, blogbentley2up3

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THE Noréns!

The Norén Family is too cute for words!  TOO!  I can’t believe I’ve been photographing this sweet family-of-5 for over a year now (click here to see my first session with them).

Noren, Family_003, blogNoren, Family_008, blogNoren, Family_016, blogNoren, Family_013, blognoren2up1noren2up2Noren, Family_021, blognoren2up4 Noren, Family_036, blogNoren, Family_037, blognoren2up3Noren, Family_035, blogNoren, Family_039, blogNoren, Family_049, blogNoren, Family_050, blognoren2up5Noren, Family_053, blognoren2up6Noren, Family_056, blogNoren, Family_060, blogNoren, Family_061, blogNoren, Family_062, blognoren2up7

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Awaiting baby Cole…

Isn’t Ericka GORGEOUS!  Just one peek for now (but I can’t wait to share the rest of her maternity session with you!).  Waskewics, justone

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Welcome to the world, beautiful baby Violet!

Cuddly newborns are the best!  More to come of this little lady (only 2 days old, how lucky am I?!), but just a peek for now…  Oesterle, justone

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The (absolutely wonderful) Welterlens!

Returning clients put a bounce in my step.  Friends who are clients make life that much sweeter!  Elise, thank you for asking me to capture you and your family.  It’s always such a pleasure! To take a look back at previous sessions with the Welterlens, click here, here, and here.  Mawson, you are one photogenic boy!    Elise, Mawson_012, blogmawson2up1Elise, Mawson_005, blogmawson2up2Elise, Mawson_010, blogmawson2up3mawson2up4Elise, Mawson_034, blogElise, Mawson_036, blogmawson2up6Elise, Mawson_039, blogmawson2up5Elise, Mawson_056, blogElise, Mawson_047, blogElise, Mawson_065, blogElise, Mawson_066, blogmawson2up7Elise, Mawson_072, blogElise, Mawson_073, blogmawson2up8mawson2up9

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The Colton Family

What a wonderful group of people!  Jennifer, thank you for asking me to take these pictures for you.  Just a few of my favorites… colton2up1Colton, Family_037, blogColton, Family_032, blogcolton2up3Colton, Family_017, blogColton, Family_022, blogColton, Family_058, blog

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Peek-a-boo, Mia!

Just one from Ms. Mia’s session (I love how you can see her smile through her eyes!)… Bingham, justoneone

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2 cute guys…

Pretty darn sweet to photograph these 2 boys year after year!  McTigue, boys_022, blogmctigue2up1McTigue, boys_008, blogMcTigue, boys_025, blogMcTigue, boys_010, blogMcTigue, boys_014, blogMcTigue, boys_001, blogMcTigue, boys_016, blogMcTigue, boys_027, blogMcTigue, boys_031, blog

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Bella, the sweet…

She’s definitely a sweetheart.  I always love my time with this little Miss!  Torres, Bella_001, blogTorres, Bella_022, blogbella2up1Torres, Bella_002, blogTorres, Bella_006, blogTorres, Bella_009, blogTorres, Bella_008, blogTorres, Bella_025, blogbella2up2Torres, Bella_029, blogTorres, Bella_033, blog

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