Bella, Bella, Bella!

This little lady is so much fun to photograph!  I love watching my clients grow (click here, here, and here to see past sessions with Bella).bella2up1Torres, Bella_001, blogbella2up2Torres, Bella_030, blogTorres, Bella_004, blogTorres, Bella_032, blogTorres, Bella_007, blogbella2up4Torres, Bella_006, blogTorres, Bella_025, blogTorres, Bella_023, blogTorres, Bella_005, blogTorres, Bella_026, blogTorres, Bella_035, blog

Every 4 year old needs a mermaid tail!  Lucky Bella!Torres, Bella_037, blogTorres, Bella_042, blogTorres, Bella_038, blogTorres, Bella_040, blog

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Just one peek of GORGEOUS Sevet and Kennedy…

More to come of this beautiful Mommy and her family!  You’re going to LOVE!  Check back soon.  Johnson_justone

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Jack turns ONE!

Handsome as ever and officially ONE!  Snuck in a few pictures with Mommy, Daddy, and big sister too (sibling love is the best!)… Erro, Jackturnsone_004, blogerro2up1erro4up1Erro, Jackturnsone_029, blogErro, Jackturnsone_007, blogErro, Jackturnsone_032, blogerro2up4Erro, Jackturnsone_036, blogErro, Jackturnsone_038, blogerro2up2Erro, Jackturnsone_024, blogerro2up3erro2up5Erro, Jackturnsone_023, blogErro, Jackturnsone_043, blog

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Barna Group

Many thanks to David and Bill over at Barna Group for choosing me for your company’s headshots.  barna2up1Barna, 2_011, blogBarna, 2_028, blogbarna2up4barna2up3Barna, 2_062, blogbarna2up5Barna_087, blogBarna, G_005, rt, blogBarna, G_009, rt, blog


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Just one of Miss Stella

Yep, she’s a cutie!  More to come, check back soon.  Stella_004, justone

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Rylen Faith

Beautiful.  Squishable.  I was smitten!  I finally found a second to blog this session and it was so worth the wait.  So, so happy for the Imming Family.  Congratulations!  Welcome to the world, Rylen, we are so excited you’re here!  Big sister Parker (check out those gorgeous blue eyes!) added the perfect amount of sass, she kept me giggling the whole time.  Enjoy my favorites from their session…Imming, Rylen_040, blogImming, Rylen_030, blogimming2up1Imming, Rylen_001, blogImming, Rylen_008, blogimming2up2Imming, Rylen_043, blogimming2up4Imming, Rylen_024, blogImming, Rylen_016, blogimming2up3Imming, Rylen_014, blogimming2up5Imming, Rylen_025, blogImming, Rylen_038, blogImming, Rylen_022, blogImming, Rylen_032, blogImming, Rylen_065, blogImming, Rylen_068, blog

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Awaiting baby Nicolas…

Roberto contacted me to book a maternity session for his wife.  Little did I know how beautiful his wife, Maria, was!  Gorgeous and absolutely glowing.  Not only was I excited for them about their upcoming arrival, but I couldn’t wait to meet baby Nicolas (Roberto booked a newborn session at the same time).  Honored you two chose me to be your photographer, thank you.  Check back soon to see baby Nicolas, he’s as cute as can be!  Ramirez, maternity_005, blogRamirez, maternity_003, blogRamirez, maternity_006, blogRamirez, maternity_001, blogRamirez, maternity_014, blogRamirez, maternity_016, blogRamirez, maternity_009, blogramirez2up1Ramirez, maternity_015, blogRamirez, maternity_027, blogRamirez, maternity_019, blogRamirez, maternity_021, blogramirez2up2Ramirez, maternity_035, blogRamirez, maternity_047, blogRamirez, maternity_041, blogRamirez, maternity_042, blogRamirez, maternity_044, blogRamirez, maternity_057, blogramirez2up3

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Lachlan + Aylin

These two CUTIES belong to one of my dearest friends, Emily.  While they were visiting California, we snuck in a quick little session.  My heart misses this family!

LachlanandAylin_025, blogLachlanandAylin_002, blogmcilvaine2up1LachlanandAylin_003, blogLachlanandAylin_007, blogLachlanandAylin_010, blogLachlanandAylin_008, blogLachlanandAylin_012, blogLachlanandAylin_013, blogLachlanandAylin_016, blogLachlanandAylin_018, blogLachlanandAylin_019, blogLachlanandAylin_022, blogmcilvaine2up2mcilvaine2up3

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In from out of town!

Family in town… let’s shoot!  I had a great time with my friend Elise, her son Mawson, and their family (in from out of town).  Moments really do keep slipping by, better capture them before they’re just a memory.  Delighted Elise asked me to shoot this session for her.  Welterlen, Family_025, blogWelterlen, Family_027, blogwelterlen2up3Welterlen, Family_011, blogWelterlen, Family_012, blogWelterlen, Family_013, blogwelterlen2up2welterlen2up4welterlen2up1Welterlen, Family_006, blogWelterlen, Family_007, blogWelterlen, Family_030, blogWelterlen, Family_047, blogWelterlen, Family_049, blogWelterlen, Family_081, blogWelterlen, Family_062, blogwelterlen2up6Welterlen, Family_067, blogwelterlen2up5Welterlen, Family_073, blogWelterlen, Family_076, blogWelterlen, Family_080, blogWelterlen, Family_097, blog

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The Gill Family

It is insanely crazy how quickly a year goes by!  Do you remember this sweet, sweet family from last year’s session (click here to jog your memory)?  Has it been a year?  I still can’t get over it.  A few days after the Gill’s session was shot, they moved to Northern California.  I was sad to see them go, and blogging this brings back that feeling.  Jessica and Travis are two of the most warm, kind-hearted people I know.  I am so thankful for the clients I gain, but more importantly, the friendships that are built.  Thank you for asking me to be your photographer, Gill Family.  Sit back and enjoy my favorites from their home session (with a few cake smash pictures in honor of Ms. Ashton’s 1st birthday).  Gill, Family_039, blogGill, Family_041, blogGill, Family_043, blogGill, Family_022, bloggill2up1Gill, Family_020, blogGill, Family_027, blogGill, Family_025, bloggill2up2Gill, Family_032, blogGill, Family_033, bloggill2up3Gill, Family_045, blogGill, Family_048, blogGill, Family_051, blogGill, Family_053, bloggill2up4Gill, Family_061, blogGill, Family_067, blogGill, Family_071, blogGill, Family_068, blogGill, Family_076, blog

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